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Frequently asked questions

There are many different types of collection services on offer. How do you decide? To help you make a fully informed decision, here are a few questions to ask the service providers you're considering:

What do I need to send for collection?

Depending on the service you choose, you'll need to provide more or less information. In particular, some services require you to provide invoices and contracts for each claim.

When will recovery begin?

Depending on the service provider, the campaign can start within 48 hours or with a delay of several weeks.

How long does the collection campaign last?

Depending on the service you choose, the campaign can be over in a few days or take several months. So it's a very important question to ask.

Can all my claims be processed?

This is a crucial point: some services will only accept assignments above a certain volume of receivables, or will set a minimum amount per receivable. In addition, some will refuse to take on B2C receivables.

How is payment made in the event of collection?

The more means of payment available, the greater the chance that your debtor will honor his debt. This is a point worth considering. In addition, some services offer to pay you directly, while others will act as intermediaries and collect payments on their behalf.

What is the collection process?

This is crucial for your brand's reputation. Some companies are so afraid of negative reviews that they prefer not to collect on them. It's essential to ensure that the messages received by your debtors are respectful. So don't hesitate to ask to see them before launching a collection campaign.

How do I find out about a successful collection or dispute?

Some services offer real-time monitoring, so you can update your accounts or manage a debtor's dispute as effectively as possible, while others offer only a monthly or even quarterly summary.

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Things to remember
Documents required to get started
In addition to the list of receivables, invoices and contracts are required.
Time to startĀ 
No information on the time needed to launch the campaignĀ 
Recovery speed
No information
Payment process
Indirect: lntrum is paid by your debtor as an intermediary before transferring the money to youClassic payment methods (cards, cheques, transfers)
Working methods
Email and telephone
Postal mail
Type of receivables collected
B2B and B2C
No information on minimum and maximum amounts accepted
Protecting your brand image
Intervention on behalf of the agency (or white label, specific service)
No information provided
Customer satisfaction
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