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B2B collections that protect your brand

Respaid collects 50% of your unpaid invoices in 20 days with a respectful approach - powered by AI.

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Sending multiple notices and getting ghosted?

Your team excels at closing late payments, but a few remain stubborn.

But you're avoiding using a collection agency,
because collecting $0 is better than risking your reputation.

How do we achieve 50% recovery in 20 days?

We treat debtors as humans to achieve unprecedented results that protects your brand.

The voice of a lawyer
No one ignores a lawyer - which is why we partner with firms from highly-regarded jurisdictions to maximize repayment.
Respectful messaging
The debtor is not always in the wrong, so our messaging & actions leaves an open door for mistakes & miscommunications.
Powered by AI
We tailor bespoke messages per-debtor that knows what to say, when to say it, and what channel will maximize conversion.
"Respaid drives industry-leading results through cordial communication with customers".
Arash Ferdowsi, Dropbox Co-Founder

Collections + AI = Results

Our unique innovations at Respaid result in a 50% collection rate and 30x faster performance than traditional methods.

AI-Powered Precision Messaging

We don't just send emails, we learn. We collect location, device, engagement and more telemetry to optimize the best next step.

Database Cleaning

Emails bounce. Employees leave. Our SOC-2 compliant data finds the needles in the haystack.

Direct, Moden Payments

Agencies have debtors pay them first. Respaid offers direct payments, increasing trust & authority.

Uncover Why Debtors Aren't Paying

Understand why your customers aren't paying you. We summarize & categorize so you can not just collect what is owed, but improve your product at the same time.

Zero-fuss onboarding

Don't bother your IT team. You do it yourself, and then watch collections come in as soon as tomorrow.

1. Upload unpaid accounts
Just upload a .csv - no invoices needed. Or sync your data via Zapier or other popular built-in integrations.
2. Confirm your identity
Securely connect your billing software so your customers can pay you directly.
3. First collections next day
We'll clean your data, and start sending notices to get you paid back

Companies entrusting their brand to Respaid

Learn how brands who care deeply about their reputation trust our respectful and effective collection approach.

Michael Reynolds
CFO, Mega Mart
Secure Servers gave us peace of mind. Variable takes data security seriously, and it reflects in the robustness of their servers. Our financial data is in safe hands.

Good questions to ask

Everything you need to know

Do you call my customers?
Mostly, no. If we determine leaving a message via voicemail using our AI is the most effective method, we will make an attempt.
Do you send my customers letters?
No. We prioritize a digital footprint to better understand the customer's activity to find the best channel to reach them - we will even share these insights with you through our dashboard.
What if a mistake was made, and a customer already paid?
There are many such cases: customers may have already made a payment, a discount was not applied. We allow for these mix-ups and reconcile them with respect.
What if I am missing some data?
Not only do we clean your existing data to ensure high-deliverability, but we also leverage AI & proprietary sources to find new or changed contact data to make sure we can track down your customer.
How do I keep my records up-to-date with Respaids' collections?
Respaid has +6000 integrations as well as an API to synchronize with your accounting stack to ensure you are representing receivables accurately.
Does the debtor pay you directly?
No! Your customer will pay you directly so you which increases conversion due to high-trust associated with your brand. Other collection services typically have your customer pay them, creating distrust and tampering with your brand's reputation.