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Stripe chargebacks?
Collect 50% of your lost disputes

No invoice or contract required

How to get started: Stripe - Disputes - Lost - Export (CSV)

Hundreds of companies use Respaid, some of them you already know

(SaaS, Subscription-based model, Service, Marketplace)

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Respaid is different

Accessible to all

Respaid works for B2B or B2C customers, starting $5 AR.

No middlemen

No middlemen

Your customers, your money. We enable the debtor to pay you directly, with an easy-to-use system, to make sure you stay in control.


We contact your debtors at the right time and through the right channel, using AI and respect to maximise the chances of collection

Unique and unprecedented results

Get started in 15 minutes

No need for a complicated integration: just send us your excel file, we'll do the rest.

50% recovered in 20 days

Of which 5% in the first three hours

93% of debtors recommend us to others

For every debt collected, we ask debtors to evaluate us, to make sure we live up to your brand

Our Secret Sauce:

Officially, we collect out-of-court, but we're also respectful. Plus: your brand's lawyer collects (Respaid white label).
The message is impressive, while preserving your reputation.

get started quickly

Get started in 5 minutes

We don't need invoices or proof of use of your product to collect your lost disputes.

easy payment

Your customers pay you easily

We also use Stripe to facilitate payment and offer: CB, Apple Pay, PayPal, 3X Payment.


Convinced? We automate for you

We integrate directly with your Stripe to automate the collection of lost disputes from the 46th day.

NPS of 93: your customers will love to pay you

Most companies prefer not to collect a debt for fear of negative reviews. With Respaid, you no longer have to choose between collecting your debt and protecting your reputation. 

We make your customer's life easier

What could be more frustrating than wanting to make a payment but being unable to initiate the transfer from their bank.

With Respaid, users can make payments using any method, and our platform seamlessly adapts to their device. For instance, if they open our message on an iPhone, they can easily use Apple Pay to make a payment.

let's simplify life

The whole procedure is amicable

Messages are considerate and context-aware. Our AI-driven learning system ensures reminders are carefully timed and delivered through the most appropriate channels.

client satisfaction

To ensure this, we measure not only your satisfaction, but also that of your debtors.

error handling

Everyone makes mistakes

Sometimes you will. Who better than your debtor to help correct any discrepancies? We offer them the convenience of a one-click online dispute option, allowing them to provide proof of any errors. In such cases, we promptly halt the process, ensuring your financial records remain accurate and your brand stays safeguarded.

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